CFM Toppan Forms (M) Sdn Bhd- Data Printing Services (DPS)

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing has long been the buzzword in many organizations. By focusing resources and efforts in the core competencies, a business may sharpen their competitive edge over the rest.

However, in the increasingly competitive business landscape, outsourcing is no longer about moving away tasks to third party. It is a form of business partnership to leverage on the strengths and expertise outside an organization to gain the competitive edge in the increasingly competitive market.

Data printing activity is one component that many businesses cannot do without, but one that is getting increasingly laborious and complex. In addition, data printing in this age is about delivering information to your customer base faster and meeting each individual needs better. At CFM Toppan Forms Malaysia, we are here to fulfill your printing needs.

What Do We Offer?

CFM Toppan Forms Malaysia draws upon its vast experience and advanced production system to offer the best in Data Printing Services. Herewith, we present our main services:-
  • Data Print Services (DPS) - Client corporation provides us with the data, we process the data, print it out, seal it and mail it. We also take it a step further by participating in sales strategies, market research and result analysis, hence we term the entire process the "Total Integrated Solution".
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  • Digital Print On Demand (DOD) - This is a system offering high-speed, programmable color printing of variable, digital graphics data. Linking between the system and database enables the production of highly-personalized direct mail, thereby facilitating more accurate marketing activites.
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  • Document Scan Services (DSS) is a document solution with integrated document management and electronically digitalize document process. A better document management could improve the client’s document security, monitoring and data flow of information.
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